Three Black Men Found Hanging Spark Calls for Lynching Investigations | BET

Calls For Investigations Grow As Two New Hangings of Men Of Color Surface (June 16)Two new suspicious incidents have come to public attention in the wake of the hanging deaths of two Black men in California and are sparking calls for a thorough investigation.

In New York City, Bronx resident Dominique Alexander, 27, was found dead near the Hudson River in Upper Manhattan by a passerby on June 9, according to a spokesman from the city medical examiner.

Many on social media had compared his death to that of Robert Fuller’s and Malcolm Harsch’s, the two Black men found hanging 50 miles apart in California on June 12 and May 31 respectively.

Dominique’s brother Keats Alexander did not comment on the circumstances when he spoke to The New York Daily News. “He was definitely loved by his family and his community. It’s just so much,” he said.

In Houston, family and friends are calling for an investigation into the death of a Hispanic man who was found hanging Monday morning (June 15). Initially it was thought that the unidentified individual was African American and his hanging was also compared to Fuller’s and Harsch’s deaths.

Source: Three Black Men Found Hanging Spark Calls for Lynching Investigations | BET



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