My People are Destroyed for a Lack of …

There are three key areas of a people’s existence that I feel most shapes their character and their destiny:

One, their religious traditions. Two, their political institutions and three, their culture. Of the three, culture is the most inclusive,  consisting of a great many components, including the religious and political.

The reason that I call out these three specifically is that it is through the mindful development in these three areas that a people can most quickly and coherently mold a unified sense of ‘self’.

Conversely, and obviously, it is in these three areas that a people can most effectively be destroyed. Historically, neither war, nor genocide has had a more effective and lasting destructive ability as the destruction of a people via religious, political and cultural means.

Even Hitler’s genocidal inclinations in World War II were not able to damage the Jewish people as effectively as slavery and colonization has destroyed generations of Afrikan people by stripping them of their religious, political and cultural traditions and identity.

If Afrikan people are to ever regain their standard in the modern world, it will only be through their mindful and directed reconstitution of themselves in these three spheres of the human experience.



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