A Protest Vote is a Wasted Vote – Pan Afrika Network

With the possibility of a Trump presidency looming, any vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson is just another nail in the coffin of America’s democracy.  The idealism of a protest vote is under some circumstances valid, but not when a Trump victory would usher in an environment where protest is no longer tolerated. Sometimes idealism must give way to strategic action.

Trump has already telegraphed his dream of a repressive police state; I imagine he sees Russia as a model for the America he hopes to create. In that America, there will be no place for dissent, freedom of the press, or Black people living in peace in their own neighborhoods. In that America, oligarchs will decide what and how the democracy operates and who should benefit.

So freedom fighters, have your passports in order, and prepare to continue the struggle in exile. Remember what Bob Marley said in his song, “The Heathen”:

“Rise up fallen fighters;
Rise and take your stance again.
‘Tis he who fight and run away
Live to fight another day.”

Source: A Protest Vote is a Wasted Vote – Pan Afrika Network


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